Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight

Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight


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Like its namesake fruit, Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight packs a sweet and fruity melon flavor with hints of hazy flowers, fresh berries, and woody pine, too. The aroma is equally delicious, almost like a bowl of freshly cut melon, berries, and fruits in a woody bowl with a touch of hazy earthiness. Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the classic Dirty Old SOG Super Silver Haze X Appalachia strains.

You will experience a euphoric high that is free of negative or racing thoughts, along with a boost in creativity and sociability that is well-suited to any social situation. The honeydew high will leave you feeling happy, sociable, and creative for hours, with soothing yet lifted effects from start to finish.

With its high 21%+ average THC and 0-1% CBD levels, Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight is an excellent option for treating conditions like chronic pain, nausea or appetite loss, depression, chronic stress, and mood swings. This bud features large, tapered, spade-shaped minty green nugs with lots of vivid orange hairs and a coating of golden-white crystal trichomes. A light physical tingle follows this cerebral boost, getting you up and moving.

Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight strain’s aroma


A room full of honeydew blossoms can almost overwhelm the nose with its dense facets of limonene and myrcene together. This strain truly smells like you are walking through a garden of lemons, berries, and flowers. There is no subtlety in its namesake being translated into the aroma. Heavy berry overtones with a skunky aura masquerade the peach until you grind it up.

The Flavor of Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight strain


The flavor, for the most part, does a fantastic job of matching the aroma. In addition to the berries and lemons, we get a strong peach flavor that harmonizes well with our overall profile. The peach combines all the aspects of this strain that we adore into a single, harmonious flavor profile. After all, what could be better than a strain that tastes like a power smoothie on a cool fall day?

The Effects after smoking the strain Gumdropz Honeydrew Delight


We get a solid hybrid effect with this beauty here. With its extreme euphoric effects accompanied by its incredible ability to usher you into sedation, we get the best of what hybrids have to offer here.

Consuming honeydew blossoms gave me the perfect boost I needed to complete my studies as my night neared its end. I found this strain to be excellent for insomniacs who like to tap into their creative side before sending themselves to rest.

Don’t let its sedation effects trick you into thinking this is fully an indica. When micro-dosing, we can truly harness that euphoric aspect without getting a garnish of sleepiness. With this potent strain in your arsenal, you’ll stay ready for whatever may come your way.


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