Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle


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A well-balanced 50/50 cannabis hybrid strain, Peanut Butter Breath is renowned for tasting and smelling like peanuts.

A shimmering sheet of silvery trichomes covers each nug, composed of copious amounts of overlapping stalks with intact, fully-formed resin glands. Peanut Brittle has gorgeous bag appeal. The massive, spear-shaped buds have an unkempt appearance consisting of bushy, barbed foliage and frayed pistil fibers. The coloration skews darker given the borderline black coloration on the leafage, which blends beautifully with undertones of forest green.

A complex scent of peanut butter and sweet cookie dough that is simultaneously creamy, sweet, sharp, and gassy, the ground product smells decidedly decadent and is reminiscent of nutter butters or peanut butter-flavored cliff bars. The nose on the PB is rich and savory, with a musky peanut and tilled-earth fragrance supported by an undercurrent of umami funk and roasted diesel.

The PB’s flavor is equally amazing, with a strong peanut butter-dominated inhale and an exhale that is musky, skunky, and gassy. The profile has a doughy, sweetened aftertaste that lingers on the lips after consumption, giving it a delightful complement to sweets. The expression has a subtle dark chocolate undertone that combines with savory and spicy notes that intensify as the flower burns. The flavor combination is this delicious, toothsome reminder of nutty buddy bars and raw gasoline.

Overall, the Peanut Brittle easily meets every requirement, from effect to visual appeal, and offers a profile that is an ideal synthesis of its genetics. Combining the sweet gassiness of PGSC with the rich raunch of a peanut butter strain results in this nutty, tag-a-long-like expression that is incredibly rich and funky. Outstanding work from Three Flavors


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