Rainbow Confetti Birthday cake

Rainbow Confetti Birthday cake


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Rainbow Confetti Birthday Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Cherry Pie and Secret Cookies.

Bred by Secretive Genetic, Confetti Cake contains 21% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers.

Customers tell us the Confetti Cake effects make them feel focused, uplifted, and hungry.

Medical marijuana patients often choose Confetti Cake when dealing with symptoms associated with anxiety, bipolar disorder, and stress.

The dominant terpene of this cannabis strain is limonene. Rainbow Confetti Birthday Cake features an aroma and flavor profile of sweet wood, and pepper.

Rainbow Confetti is an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a cross of the insanely delicious Cherry Pie X Secret Cookies strains.

This rare and decadent bud is a favorite of users everywhere because of its delicious flavor and colorful, confetti-like appearance.

Rainbow Confetti Birthday Cake has a sweet and creamy flavor of vanilla and butter with a slightly fruity pungency, much like an actual Funfetti cake!

The smell is very much the same, with a rich, cheesy vanilla that has an earthy, fruity pungency that’s released as the nugs are broken apart and smoked.

Rainbow Confetti Birthday cake buds have large, leafy, oversized spade-shaped forest green nugs that are covered in multi-colored hairs with undertones that range from deep reds to blues to purples.

Each nug is dusted with fine trichomes and a visible layer of glistening droplets of sweet, sticky resin.

The Funfetti high is just as decadent as it tastes, with relaxed and happy effects that are somehow both energizing and sedating at the same time.

The high starts with a mildly uplifting energy felt in the head and back of the neck, giving you a sense of purpose and well being while sometimes pushing you into fits of uncontrollable giggles.

A sense of sedation will creep over you next, leaving you sedated and completely relaxed with an overbearing sense of sleepiness.

These effects and its insanely high THC level of 22-27% make Funfetti perfect for treating insomnia, chronic pain, headaches or migraines, and chronic stress.


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