Delivery services will be divided into categories according to specific regions, and delivery includes addresses within the US border. Shipping costs are determined by the type of delivery that is selected on the website; overnight shipping and priority shipments have different costs because their price tags differ.

All orders in the Bronx area are valid for 24 hours; if not completed, they will be canceled. Delivery within the BRONX area is scheduled to occur 15 minutes after payment and address confirmation have been made. The recipient will provide an accurate time for delivery on the same day that the order is placed, once payment has been completed via live chat, company email, or cell phone.

The delivery of goods within the BROOKLYN Area is done by either postal mail or drop off, based on the recipient’s description. This is done to ensure maximum assurance and safety for both the delivery agent and the recipient, as both parties must agree upon delivery. The delivery process takes a maximum of 45 minutes to complete and mark delivered. Orders for the BROOKLYN will be processed immediately upon receipt of the order, provided that the recipient selects an appropriate time and location.

Deliveries within Queens, Harlem, and all of New York are processed and delivered the same day, according to the receiver’s description. The receiver notifies us of the location and time of delivery via the primary means of communication (live chat, email address, cell phone). PLEASE ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO IMMEDIATELY MESSAGE US AFTER PLACING AN ORDER TO CONFIRM PROCESSING OF YOUR ORDER FOR DELIVERIES.

Orders placed within Brooklyn that do not require shipping will have their total amount calculated, which will not include the $25 shipping fee that was added to the order during the ordering process. Orders outside of New York are processed the same day, but delivery times vary depending on the location; if processed early, deliveries can start the following day, excluding Sundays.

We do not deliver on Sundays. Instead, deliveries are made according to the recipient’s instructions and are sent via priority or overnight mail.

Please take note that every order we send out is fully insured. Therefore, in the event that a package is lost, stolen, or damaged, we will cover the loss and either refund the full amount of money or send a replacement package to the address you have provided.

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