Cherry Ripe Marshmallow

Cherry Ripe Marshmallow


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Cherry Ripe Marshmallow is a delicious hybrid strain (50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa) that was produced by crossing the popular Runtz X Cherry Pie strains. This star child has an incredible flavor that will keep you coming back for more, along with an extremely stimulating and arousing high.

As soon as you release your breath, the Cherry Runtz will hit you, starting with a tingle in the sides of your forehead and behind your eyes. It will quickly spread its giddy tendrils throughout your entire brain, boosting your mood and filling you with a happy, heady, unfocused bliss. It will also help you physically relax and stretch out.

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This bud has a sweet and fruity cherry berry flavor with a lightly sour tropical citrus exhale; the aroma is very similar, though it does have a notable punch of sour, tangy apples, too. Cherry Runtz buds have small and fluffy pebble-shaped minty green nugs with deep green leaves, thin orange hairs, and a frosty coating of tiny, bright white crystal trichomes. With these effects and its high 17–19% average THC level, Cherry Runtz is often said to be ideal for treating conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, chronic stress or anxiety, depression, or mood swings.

Check out our selection to find a strain that adds the juicy and vibrant taste of cherry to your cannabis enjoyment. Cherry Ripe Marshmallow cannabis strains offer a sweet and tangy experience. Our range below features strains with a cherry aroma and taste, capturing the essence of ripe cherries. These strains are chosen for their uplifting and euphoric effects, offering a delightful cannabis experience with the sweet and tart flavor of cherries.

What flavor is Cherry Ripe Marshmallow?

Cherry Ripe Marshmallow tastes sweet and fruity at first, but as it gets closer to the classic OG strain, it becomes more earthy, herbal, and slightly spicy.

Which hue is Cherry Ripe Marshmallow?

A light green, fluffy bud that forms spherical clusters, Cherry Ripe Marshmallow can have light to dark purple highlights, but it will undoubtedly contain a good number of short orange pistils and a thick coating of white trichomes.

What outcomes can Cherry OG produce?

Fans report feeling a euphoric rush that heightens their senses with an almost happy filter that applies on everything. Cherry Ripe Marshmallow has been said to be loved for its well-balanced effects that are felt in both the body and the mind. It is also said to help relieve tension and muscle aches without being too tiring.

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