Pink Vanilla Butter Cake

Pink Vanilla Butter Cake


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Pink Vanilla is an AAAA/THC/CBD: 0% indica-dominant hybrid with an unclear genetic history. It has an intense, pungent, gassy Kush-like aroma with a sweet and spicy undertone. The flavour profile combines mild hints of diesel and vanilla that leave a peppery aftertaste. Growers report the buds to be dense with a thick trichome coating; however, we’re still trying to learn more about this cultivar.

Common Effects:
Euphoric, Happy, Social, Sedated, Relaxed

Common Usage:
Insomnia, Anxiety, Fatigue, ADHD, and stress

Pink Vanilla, a strikingly unique cannabis strain that masterfully combines aesthetic allure with a symphony of soothing effects

Pink Vanilla Butter Cake Bronx

We’ve set out to make nothing but the finest craft cannabis, true to the origin of its strain. Devoted to the purity of our flowers and the quality of every harvest, we’re inspired by the artistry of exceptional craftsmanship. We’re growing something special. Kindled by our scenic surroundings, we’ve put care and passion into every plant to bring unique craft cannabis strains to the Canadian market.

It took a long time for nature to create the beauty of Muskoka, which inspired us to put just as much commitment into every plant. From our state-of-the-art facility to our high growing standards, everything we do is dedicated to quality.

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